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PhD Student Projects

Name of student Research Project
Paulina Budzyńska IRF4 and network of ttranscription factors in terminal B cell differentiation
Marek Budzyński Role of HSF1 phosphorylation in the heat shock response
Prasannakumar Deshpande Identification of LRRK2 substrates as a means to developing improved diagnosis and therapy of Parkinson´s disease

Johannes Dunkel

Macrophages and CLEVER-1 in inflammation and cancer

Jenny Joutsen Sumoylation of stress proteins - Regulatory role of SUMO-ubiquitin interplay and acetylation-sumoylation switch of HSF1

Otto Kauko

Characterization of CIP2A transcriptome-mediated functions in cancer cells
Heidi Kemiläinen A novel knock-out model for studying the physiological role of the hydroxysteroid (17-beta) dehydrogenase type 12
Anna Khudayarov Ways to improve the efficacy of EGFR targeting drugs in the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer

Anna Korhonen

Regulation of growth factor signaling by post-translational modifications
Taina Korpela The role of Ezrin in cancer progression
Julius Laine Early B cell factors, Runx2 and Zfp521 in osteoblast differentiation and function

Jonna Silén

Hypoxia and glycolysis regulated gene expression in head and neck cancer: Impact on PET Imaging
Marika Sjöqvist Networking Notch: Regulation of Notch traffic and signalling cross talk