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Some reasons why students have chosen TuBS

I came almost 2 years ago from Tartu University, Estonia to do my PhD in Turku University and I am a proud owner of TuBS yellow jacket since the beginning of 2007. TuBS is a wonderful “platform” on which to build your scientific career. Firstly, it can offer you financial security throughout your studies. Secondly, TuBS promotes and supports its students to attend to high quality laboratory courses abroad to learn new techniques. Last winter TuBS provided me and my fellow TuBS student a travel grant to visit Javier Martinez lab at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology IMBA, Vienna, Austria to study a in situ hybridization technique they recently published in Nature Methods. Thirdly, TuBS connects young promising scientists. I consider it very important and I would like to see more communication and networking between these students. Another thing that could be improved in TuBS is its internationality - TuBS ’ great possibilities should be promoted more among young successful scientist from abroad. I encourage all these scientists to apply.

TuBS standards are kept high with tough entrance exam on “The Cell” and the following interview. TuBS students have their personal supervisory committee and their progress reports are annually evaluated. TuBS organizes different lectures and the TuBS Summer School to learn new and brush up old knowledge in biosciences. I am looking forward to the introduction to business and industry part of science as well. Besides academic events, TuBS also organizes different social activities to its students. TuBS has a wonderful atmosphere, which organizes and motivates you.

TuBS offers a great opportunity. I recommend successful (foreign) students to use that opportunity.

- Oliver, TuBS student since 2006 -

When I began my career as a researcher, I more or less stumbled in to an interesting project. I was supposed to work only for a few months, but the project grew and eventually I found myself applying to TuBS. It was my PI who initially suggested that I should apply, I thought that it would be an interesting alternative, and a good opportunity to further my career. TuBS provides a stimulating atmosphere, through for example offering a working process of monitoring the progress of the graduate students project. All students have a thesis committee, appointed by themselves, with motivated researchers providing support, ideas and technical assistance when needed. This also gives the student an excellent foundation of individual growth as a scientist. Since TuBS organises scientific courses and meetings, the students have an opportunity to acquaint themselves both with the local research community and with invited international researchers. In addition, through social events organised by TuBS, the students get to know each other outside the lab, providing a network of friends and colleagues for life .

- Nina, TuBS student since 2005 -

There are several advantages in being a TuBS member. It provides monetary security for sometime and therefore if your grand applications are not successful all the time you are not in trouble. The monitoring of the progress annually keeps you oriented towards your goals, if you happen to get distracted. The extra-curricular activities bring warmth and sunshine to your life if the cold and hard science has made it too gloomy.

 - Teemu, TuBS student since 2006 -