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Strategies and Missions 

The objective of the school is to offer multidisciplinary research education in cell and molecular biology to young, talented students with a basic education either in medicine or natural sciences. Students enrolled in the program are expected to graduate with a Ph.D or Dr. Med. Sci. degree after four years of full-time studies. The formal teaching language of the Doctoral Programme and the language of communication in the laboratories is English.

Quality criterias / best practice in TuBS Graduate School:

  1. Broad knowledge in biological sciences, sufficient knowledge in cell and molecular biology, molecular medicine, bioinformatics, systems biology, genetics, immunology, developmental biology and cancer.
  2. High quality publications
  3. High quality laboratory courses (e.g. EMBL, CSHL)
  4. International laboratory visits for training
  5. Effective oral and written communication skills
  6. Emphasis on the principles of scientific reasoning and logic as well as the importance of ethics (e.g. journal clubs)
  7. Extensive career prospects and career development
  8. Intellectual property and technology transfer

Goals of Doctoral Programme by the Ministry of Education:

  1. Lowering the age of doctoral students at dissertation
  2. Reducing the duration of doctoral studies
  3. Creating more effective supervision practices
  4. Systematisation of doctoral studies
  5. Internationalisation of doctoral studies
  6. Increasing co-operation between universities, research institutions and industry
  7. Creating innovative research and education environments
  8. Promoting professional careers in research and establishing post-doc positions