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Courses 2007

Weeks 2, 4, 6, 9, 11 Thursdays at 8.30 Mike Nelson Advanced Academic Writing
Further information and registration: amjohan@utu.fi, puh. 333 8421
Jan 16 15.00 FiDiPro:
Prof. Rikard Holmdahl
From Disease to Genes and Back - Following an Oxidation Path  
Jan 17 11.15 Reijo Salonen Ura lääketeollisuudessa TIC
Jan 17-May 16 17.30   Turun Infektiomeeting  

Jan 18

12.00 Leena Peltonen-Palotie Complex Diseases in a Simplex Setting, Lessons of Disease Genes in Finns FoS
Jan 19 15.00-   Turku Infektiosymposium  
Jan 24.-25.   Tero Wahlberg Tilastolliset perusanalyysit SAS-ohjelmistolla
(muut ajankohdat: 13.14.3, 17.-18.4)
Lisätiedot/ilmoittautuminen: amjohan@utu.fi, puh. 333 8421
Jan 24 11.15 Panu Kovanen, Hki Molecular biology of interleukin-2 family cytokines TIC
Jan 31 11.15 Qiushui He Molecular Epidemiology of Bordetella pertussis:realities in the field TIC
Feb 2 11.15 Pietri Puustinen PP2A as a tumor suppressor: why control of activity is important TIC
Dates will be announced later
Practical Training Course in Confocal and Multifoton Microscopy
In vivo Imaging; from Cell to organisms
Practical Course in Flow Cytometry

Feb 8 12.00 Jan Brosens (UK) SUMOylation and Progesterone Signalling FoS
Feb 14 11.15 Sisko Tauriainen, Tre Can enterovirus cause type 1 diabetes? TIC
Feb 15 12.00 Sven Bergström (Sweden) Infection Biology of Borrelia
Feb 28 11.15 Satu-Maria Kulmala Virus related risk factors of human papillomavirus induced carcinogenesis TIC
March 1 12.00 Eckardt Treuter (Sweden) Coregulatory Actions of the Ubiquitin System in Steroidogenesis I FoS
March 5 - 26    

Lisätiedot/ilmoittautuminen: amjohan@utu.fi, puh. 333 8421

March 7 11.15 Mikko Seppänen, HUS Complement deficiencies and infectious diseases TIC
March 8 12.00 Zlatko Dembic (Norway) The Molecular Basis of Some Immune Related Diseases FoS
March 14 11.15 Jorma Paavonen, HY HPV vaccines TIC
March 15 12.00 Lorenz Poellinger (Sweden) Gene Regulation in Hypoxic Cells - Implications for Regulation of Tumor Growth and Cell Differentiation FoS
March 21 11.15 Noora Kotaja Control of male germ cell differentiation by small RNAs TIC
March 22 12.00 Thomas Laurell (Sweden) Microfluidics and Microarrays for Low Abundant Protein Analysis
March 28 11.15 Markus Vähä-Koskela Replicative Semliki Forest virus vectors - applications in CNS gene delivery and cancer targeting TIC
March 29 12.00  
TYKS - SÄÄTIÖ - lecture
Responding to the Threat of Pandemic Influenza:
Professor Frederick G. Hayden, WHO, Geneve
March 29 12.00 Ruggero Pardi (Italy) A Sense of Touch: Signal Transduction by Adhesion Receptors in Mammalian Cells FoS
April 4 11.15 Jukka Pelkonen, Kuopio Lymphoma therapy by modulating apoptotic pathways TIC
April 11 Note!
12. 15
Elli Narvi Transcription factors in B cell function TIC
April 12 12.00 Massimo Zollo (Italy) H-prune Biology, Translating Discoveries to Fight Cancer Metastases FoS
April 18 11.15 Gunnar Kahlmeter, Växjö, Sweden Breakpoints and epidemiological cut off values for cephalosporin resistence and their impact on ESBL-detection and reporting TIC
April 19 12.00 Juha-Pekka Himanen Eph Receptor Tyrosine Kinases: from Structures to Anti-Cancer Antagonist Screens FoS
April 25 11.15 Merja Roivainen, KTL, Hki Enteroviruses and type 1 diabetes TIC
April 26 12.00 Jozef Goris (Belgium) PP2A, the Expected Tumor Suppressor FoS
May 2 11.15 Markus Maeurer, KI, Stockholm Antibody profiling using peptide microarray technology in infectious diseases TIC
May 7-11 (lectures May 7-9, practicals May 10-11)    
Lectures are open to all interested.

Registration for the practicals is closed

May 3


12.00 Phillip J. Robinson (Australia) Molecular Mechanisms of Synaptic Vesicle Endocytosis FoS
May 9 11.15 Kirsi Rautajoki T cells and proteomics TIC
May 10 12.00 Don Cleveland (USA) Guarding the Genome: Centromeres, the Mitotic Checkpoint and Aneuploidy FoS
May 14 14-16  

Why is post-doctoral training abroad important for developing a scientific career?

May 24 12.00 Ruedi Aebersold (Zwitzerland) Quantitative Proteomics and Systems Biology FoS
May 31 12.00

Kai Simons (Germany)

Miguel Del Pozo (Spain
Lipid Rafts as an Organisational Principle in Cell Membrane Function

Integrins and Caveolin-1 in Cell Migration, Endocytosis and Cell Growth
June 4 9.30-    
June 7 9.00-15.30

Steven Nutt (Australia)
Michel Nussenzweig (USA)
Laurie Glimcher (USA ) Alexander Rudensky (USA )
Sankhar Ghosh (USA)

Trip through the Immune System

June 7 12.00

H. Shelton Earp III (USA)

Stefan Hell (Germany)
The EGF Receptor Family: New Plot Lines in an Old Story

Fluorescence Nanoscopy: Macromolecular Scale Resolution with Visible Focused Light
June 9 11.15-12.40  
How to publish in top journals?
Nature Immunology Editor:
Douglas Braaten: Elements of good primary research papers,
Scand J Immunol
Roland Jonsson
June 11 10.00-    
August 13    
August 19-21   doc. Petri Susi
Virus-Cell Interactions 2007- symposio
August 23.-24.     The 17 th Annual BioCity Symposium: Ageing  
August 27.-28.      
August 30 12.00

Dr. Daniela Corda , Laboratory of Cell Regulation, Consorzio Mario Negri Sud, Italy

Dr. Alberto Luini , Laboratory of Cell Regulation, Consorzio Mario Negri Sud, Italy
Sep 3   Dos. Ulla-Marjut Jaakkola

Ilmoittautuminen: 30.8.07 mennessä: PGS kansliaan Anne Johansson  p. 333 8421 amjohan@utu.fi

Sep 4-8      
Sep 4-27 15-17.30 Hans Helenius
Tilastolliset menetelmät -luentosarja Ilmoittautuminen 1.9.2007  mennessä: Anne Johansson puh. 02-333 8421 amjohan@utu.fi
Sep 5 11.15 Nora Pöntynen, Helsinki APECED - findings from the human disease and mouse model TIC
Sep 6

Thursdays 8.30, (weeks 36, 38, 40, 42, 45)

Mike Nelson  
Sep 6 12.00 Prof. Ed Palmer, Switzerland
The Language of T Cell Receptor Signaling: Do You Speak Affinity? FoS
Sep 12 11.15 Dr. Maroeska   TIC
Sep 13 Thursdays 8.30, (weeks 37, 39, 41, 44, 46) Mike Nelson  
Sep 13 12.00 Prof. Masaru Okabe, Japan Power of Gene Manipulated Animals from Testicular Eggs to Fusion Incompetent Sperm FoS
Sep 14 9.00-    
Sep 19 11.15 Matti Poutanen Novel approaches in knockout mice generation TIC
Sep 19 , Oct 17, Nov 21, Dec 12 17.30-19 Prof. Matti Viljanen  
Sep 20 12.00 Prof. Reinhard Fässler; Germany Integrin Signalling in Vivo FoS
Sep 25-28      
Sep 26 11.15 Kirsi Harila, Oulu Vpu and Tsg101 regulate the intracellular targeting of HIV-1 Pr55gag TIC
Sep 27-28   Prof. Pekka Hänninen
Kuvantamismenetelmien fysikaaliset perusteet
Tiedustelut: satu.iivanainen@utu.fi, sekä http://www.med.utu.fi/hallinto/pgs/kurssit.html puh. (02) 333 7061, fax (02) 333 7060
Oct 2 -   Prof. Lauri J. Pelliniemi
Basic techniques in light microscopy  
REGISTRATION: Required, deadline is 21st September 2007 , number of participants is limited to 9, accepted in the order of registration to Anne Johansson at PGS, amjohan@utu.fi, tel. 333 8421.
Oct 2-3,
Nov 6-7,
Dec 11-12
(2 day course x 3)
  Tero Vahlberg  
Oct 3 11.15 Mika Scheinin Turku CRC - joint clinical research centre of the University of Turku and Southwest Finland Health Care District TIC
Oct 4 12.00 Dr. Antonella Viola, Italy New Views of Chemokine Receptor Signaling in T Cells FoS
Oct 10 11.15 Anne Roivainen PET imaging in animal models TIC
Oct 11 12.00 Prof. Andres Metspalu, Tartu The Estonian Genome Project FoS
Oct 17 11.15 Ilkka Kouvonen,
Science Park
Turku Science Park – korkeakoulujen ja yritysmaailman linkittäjä TIC
Oct 23-Dec 13 16-18 Prof. VeikkoLaunis Tutkimusetiikan peruskurssi
Ilm. 15.10.2007 menn. amjohan@utu.fi
Oct 24 11.15 Rikard Holmdahl, Turku/Lund Antibody induced arthritis TIC
Oct 25 12.00 Prof. Jochen Hühn, Berlin To Be or Not to Be a Treg: Epigenetic Control of Foxp3 Expression FoS
Oct 31 11.15 Harri Alenius, Hki title open TIC
Nov 1 12.00 Prof. Maria Arménia Carrondo, Lisboa The Structure of RNaseII and Its Complex with ssRNA Provides Insight into the Dynamics of RNA Degradation and Processivity FoS
Nov 7 11.15 Timo Tuuri, Väestöliitto, Hki Human embryonic stem cells: biology and future applications in clinics TIC
Nov 8 13.00 Dr. Elmar Jaeckel, Hannover Defects in Central Tolerance and Therapeutic Interventions in Autoimmune Diseases FoS
Nov 13-Dec 13 15.15.-17 Contact: Matti Waris, Department of Virology, University of Turku tel. 02-3337010, matti.waris@utu.fi  
Nov 14 11.15 Zhi Chen, Turku Th17: a new subset of helper T cells TIC
Nov 21 11.15 Riitta Lahesmaa Lymphocyte differentiation into functionally distinct subsets TIC
Nov 22 12.00 Prof. Pia Vuorela, ÅA Drug Discovery Screening and the Application of Genomics and Proteomics in the Drug Development Process for Chlamydia pneumoniae FoS
Nov 22 15.00- Prof. Olli Carpén, Doc. Johanna Ivaska
Nov 28 11.15 Kati Elima Searching for ligands for endothelial cell surface molecules TIC
Nov 29 12.00 Prof. Harri Savilahti DNA Transposition Mechanism as a Molecular Tool: from Versatile Protein Engineering Applications to Efficient Modification of Bacterial and Eukaryotic Genomes FoS
Dec 5 11.15 Hannu Kalimo, Helsinki Prions, the infectious proteins TIC
Dec 7 10.00 Prof.  Axel Ullrich, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry Oncogenome Analysis as Basis for Cancer Drug Development: From Paul Ehrlich's “Magic Bullet” to Multi-Targeted Kinase Inhibitors FoS
Dec 12 11.15

Viveka Öling, Turku

T cell subsets associated with type 1 diabetes TIC
Dec 13-14   Prof. Matti Poutanen