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More detailed information is available in TuBS Handbook (PDF).
General information on scientific postgraduate studies in Faculty of Medicine is available in Study guide

Responsibilities of PhD Students

Students accepted to TuBS commit to:

  • full-time studies towards a PhD/MD PhD to be achieved in 4 years
  • registering as a doctoral student at the University of Turku or Åbo Akademi University as well as registering their thesis project at their faculty
  • following the recommended curriculum of TuBS in the theoretical and practical studies towards their doctoral degree
  • forming a supervisory committee and organising its annual meeting
  • reporting on their progress annually to the TuBS board


In order to take courses that are a part of the doctoral degree and to receive credits for them, the students of TuBS must be registered as graduate students. This registration must be done annually until you have finished your doctoral degree. The period of registration is usually from mid-May until mid-September.

Research Plan

A well composed research plan is a substantial and necessary part of graduate studies. A research plan should include the information required for the evaluation of the project. It should be specific, informative and without redundancies.

Progress Report

TuBS students must hand in an annual progress report at the end of May or the end of October (depending on the TuBS board desicion) each year. The report describes the student’s progress and is a prerequisite for funding for the following year.

Thesis Committee

The thesis committees evaluate the quality and progress of the TuBS students’ research projects. Each TuBS student must have a thesis committee that follows the progress of the thesis project and provides the student with guidance, advice and constructive criticism on the project.


Some TuBS students receive their funding as salary from the graduate school. If you are on the payroll of TuBS, you will receive an Employment Contract (Työsopimus) form stating the dates of your employment and the amount of your salary. The contract is usually written for a relatively short period of time and renewed after the TuBS board has reviewed your progress. The maximum period of time you can receive salary from TuBS is 4 years. TuBS does not pay salary to students for more than 2 months after their dissertation date.


Information about the thesis requirements and the practicalities involved in handing in your thesis can be found on the www-page of the Faculty of Medicine (www.utu.fi/med/tdk, opinto-oppaat -> tieteellisen jatkokoulutuksen opinto-opas).

Advice for Doctoral Candidates

The Faculty of Medicine and The University of Turku PR and Press Office has put together guidelines for doctoral candidates, which include practical advice for your big day.