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Courses 2010

May 17   the Finnish Society for Developmental Biology (FSDB) and CREDE Symposium on Non-coding RNA Wiurila Manor in Salo
June 7 - June 9   Johanna Ivaska, Jim Norman Pharmacity
June 2 11.00 Petri Susi

TuBS Summer School/Viruses as Enemies and Friends:
General introduction to viruses

June 8
Note the date!
Dennis Bamford

TuBS Summer School/Viruses as Enemies and Friends: Evolution and origin of viruses

June 16 11.00 Timo Hyypiä TuBS Summer School/Viruses as Enemies and Friends: Virus-cell interplay
August 2-3   Riitta Lahesmaa Molecular and systems immunology to understand basic mechanisms of immune mediated diseases MK
August 11 11.00 Veijo Hukkanen TuBS Summer School/Viruses as Enemies and Friends: Viruses in gene therapy MA
August 18 11.00 Olli Ruuskanen TuBS Summer School/Viruses as Enemies and Friends: Viruses in respiratory infections MA
August 19-20     The 20th Annual BioCity Symposium on Viruses as Enemies and Friends MK
August 23 8.00 -23   TuBS Summer Meeting 2010: "AIRISTO CALLING"
Airisto, Strandbo Group
Sep 2 12 Prof. M. Bishr Omary, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA FOS:Simple epithelial keratins: from liver disease susceptibility to protein insolubility" MK
Sep 9 12 Dr. Timothy Bestor, Columbia University Medical Center, New York, NY, USA FOS: "Molecular mechanisms of epigenetic gene control in mammals"
Sep 15 11.15 Johanna Tahvanainen,Turku TIC: New mechanisms regulating human Th1 and Th2 cell differentiation MA
Sep 16 12 Dr. Irina Artsimovitch, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA FOS: "RNA polymerase clamps down MK
Sep 22 11.15 Ilkka Julkunen, Helsinki TIC: Activation of innate immunity in influenza and other microbial infections MA
Sep 29 11.15 George Papadopoulos, Greece TIC: HLA-peptide interactions associated with type 1 diabetes MA
Sep 29 12 Prof. Ron M.A. Heeren, FOM Institute, Amsterdam, the Netherlands FOS: "Multi-modal molecular imaging in biomedicine: using a mass spectrometer as a microscope"
Oct 6 11.15 Marko Pesu, Tampere TIC: Furin as a regulator of immune tolerance MA
Oct 13 11.15 Markku Mäki, Tampere TIC: Coeliac disease, the new era to come in diagnostics MA
Oct 20 11.15 Eeva Broberg, Stockholm TIC: Influenza surveillance in Europe MA
Oct 21 12 Prof. Sven Enerbäck, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden FOS: Brown adipocytes of mouse and man" MK
Oct 27 11.15 Dominique Monnet, Stockholm TIC: Antibiotics and bacterial resistance in EU;an ECDC perspective MA
Oct 28 12 Prof. Hannu Larjava, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada FOS: "How epithelial cells rule and regulate multitude of cellular and disease processes via alphaVbeta6 integrin" MK
Nov 3 11.15 Pauliina Porola, Helsinki TIC: Sex steroids in Sjögren’s syndrome MA
Nov 4 12 Prof. Martin J. Humphries, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK FOS: "Proteomic analyses of adhesion receptor signalling" MK
Nov 10 11.15 Heikki Hyöty, Tampere TIC: Can hygiene hypothesis be true for both allergic and autoimmune diseases? MA
Nov 11 12 Prof. Yrjö Konttinen, Biomedicum Helsinki, Finland FOS: “How endocrine regulation of organ physiology affects gender-discordance in autoimmunity” MK
Nov 17 11.15 Petri Susi, Turku TIC: Receptor-mediated endocytosis of picornaviruses MA
Nov 24 11.15 Catharina Alam, Turku TIC: Microbes, gut immune system and type 1 diabetes MA
Nov 25 12 Dr. Anne-Claude Gavin, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany FOS: Biochemical approaches to biological networks” MK
Dec 1 12-16   Mini-Symposium: TuBS Picks Your Brain: Insights into Neuroscience MK
Dec 2 12 Dr. Simonetta Piatti, Centre de Recherche de Biochimie Macromoléculaire CNRS, Montpellier, France FOS: "Ending the cell cycle: regulation of mitotic exit and cytokinesis in budding yeast" MK
Dec 9 12 Dr. Marian Young, National Institutes of Health/NIDCR, Bethesda, MD, USA FOS: "Key roles of proteoglycans and their partners in skeletal homeostasis and disease" MK
Dec 12 11.15 Teemu Kallonen, Turku TIC: Bordetella pertussis: impact of vaccination on bacterial population MA
Dec 16 12 Prof. James Neil, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK FOS: "Roles of the Runx gene family in cell fate determination and cancer" MK
Nov- Dec   Pekka Hänninen

Physical basis of medical imaging

Dec   Matti Poutanen

Biomarkers for generating better predictive animal models for human diseases




Transferable skills courses 2010
(academic writing, presentation, career development etc.)

Date Time Speaker/Organizer Title Place
May 21 13-16

Scientist as a communicator - the tricks to get your message through
Get Together, Wine & Snacks
Welcome! Free of Charge

Pharmacity Auditorium
Oct 12-Nov 29 16.15-17.45 PGS

Lääketieteen tieteenteoria

weeks 37, 39, 41, 44 and 46 Thursdays 8.30-11.45 Mike Nelson Advanced Academic Writing The Language Centre Multimedia Studio, Room K110, Juslenia
weeks 38, 40, 42, 45 and 47 Thursdays 8.30 -11.45 Mike Nelson Oral Presentation Skills The Language Centre Multimedia Studio, Room K110, Juslenia
22.-23.9. 8.15-16.30 Tero Vahlberg SPSS -kurssi Biostatistiikan mikroluokka, Sanitas 1 krs
4.10 ja 11.10. ja 18.10. 8.15-15.45 Saija Hurme Tilastolliset perusanalyysit Salus l.s Sanitas
20-21.10. 8.15-16.30 Tero Vahlberg SAS -kurssi Biostatistiikan mikroluokka, Sanitas 1 krs
27.10. 8.15-16.30 Tero Vahlberg Varianssianalyysit (1 op) Salus Sali
18.11. 8.15-16.30 Tero Vahlberg Regressioanalyysit (1 op) Salus Sali
9.12. 8.15-16.30 Tero Vahlberg Logistiset regressioanalyysit (1 op) Salus Sali
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