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The TuBS Student Committee was formed in Autumn 2009 by TuBS students who were fed up of only seeing their fellow students once or twice a year at official events. Our aim is to bring together TuBS students through social happenings in an effort to encourage students to meet each other outside of formally organised events. The idea is that by getting to know each other better as people and by learning about each other's work, TuBS members will be better equipped to form long lasting friendships, networks and collaborations.

We usually try to arrange around 5-6 social events per year and these have in the past ranged from bowling to paintball to ice-swimming and sauna. Participation in events is, of course, open to everyone who is a member of TuBS and is usually free. We notify TuBS members about events by email and we will also post event info on our Facebook group.

We would like to encourage all members of TuBS, old and new, to get in touch with ideas of what they would like to do for events. We have a limited budget but are always open to suggestions. If anyone wants to join the committee, we are always open for new members to help out with arranging events. Membership of the committee is entirely voluntary and the idea is that your participation would fit in with your work schedule.

Members of the TuBS Student Committee

  • Ashutosh Trehan
  • Matteo Da Ros
  • Johannes Dunkel
  • Alexandra Elsing
  • Mirkka Heinonen
  • Anna Khudayarov
  • Hanna Korhonen

Contact information

You can join us on our Facebook page or contact us by email at tubs.students(at)gmail.com

Past events

All photos from past events can be found on our web album here:

  • Glow mini-golf
  • Ice-skating and Sauna
  • Pub crawl
  • Wine tasting
  • Picnic in the Park
  • Graduate students of TuBS, ISB and DDGS:
    BARBEQUE PARTY in Rauhala
  • Flow Park
  • Wine-tasting
  • Bowling
  • Paintball
  • Glow-minigolf
  • Climbing & sauna
  • Ice-swimming & sauna
  • Winter School
  • Fencing
  • Gravity-car racing

If you have any problems with the photos posted online or would like to request removal of any photos please email us at tubs.students(at)gmail.com We would like to thank TuBS and the TuBS Board who kindly support these endeavours of ours, both financially and otherwise!